inverted bucket steam trap

Product :  inverted bucket steam trap 

Pressure Rating :  1.6- 4.0Mpa 

Specification :  Screwed:DN15-50,       Flanged: DN15-80

Material : cast steel 

Standard flanges : DIN, ANSI, JIS, JB79 

Working Principle
The design makes use of the working principle of difference in density of steam and condensate. The compound lever is connected to the inverted bucket inside the valve,working on steam pressure switch.The inverted bucket is a level sensor in the steam trap with opening downward.When the device starts up ,air and low-temperature condensate enter into the tube.At this time ,the trap is completely open,allowing quick discharge of air and low-temperature condensate and temperature rising. Steam entering into the inverted bucket causes it to float.and the lever arm drives the valve corce to close. A small vent in the bucket may automatically discharge the air.Some part of the steam will be discharged from the vent ,and other part of the steam will become condensate.The inverted bucket will sink without buoyant force, and then the lever arm will help the valve core to open the valve. When the valve is open , steam will get into the bucket again,causing the valve to close again. The device will work circularly and discharge water discontinuously.

Structural characteristic
Inverted bucket type steam trap,as amechanical steam trap, has outstanding performance and can be used low ,medium and high pressure.It applies stainless steel internal components and heat treatable steel base . It has such features as strong structure,resistance to abrasion and corrosion, long durability, and not easy to be damaged. It is highly recommended to be used for condensate recovery sustem for its steam saving capability, High heat engine efficiency , and anti-back pressure characteristic. The trap may be assembled with check valve so as to save piping space.
Correct conditions for choice of configurations when placing an order:
The user may choose the discharge capacity of trap as per max. condensate which is equal to max. steam consumption of the machine by multiplying factor (2-3 times) . Max. operating differential pressure of trap( namely, working pressure before the valve minus the back pressure behind the valve.It shall be specified if there is any back pressure.Maximun working temperature of the trap ,Drainage operating mode ,Connecting model, Valve materials.

Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Goole

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