Double port full lift safety valve

Double port full lift  safety valve




   We are renowned manufacturers of well designed and highly efficient Double Port Safety Valves. Demanded by modern plants, our safety valves are capable of dealing with the pressure and temperature normally encountered in the steam process and compressed air. Our range of Double Port Safety Valves is as per the I.B.R guidelines . Our safety valves have a heat and corrosion resistant chrome alloy trim and are also top guided to ensure discharge capabilities. Moreover the carefully lapped flat faces of valve and seat to optical precision, guarantee pressure tightness and minimum size for the given duties.

Double Port Safety Valve Size selection

Use this table for steam boilers
Double spring high lift safety valve With improvements being made from time to time, the specifications are subject to alteration without notice.


·      Cast Iron body. Pressure Up to 13kg/Cm2 temp, 428 F

·      Cast Steel body, Pressure Up to 40kg/cm2 Temp, 400c

·      Bronze body, Pressure Up to 17.5kg/cm2 temp. 428F





Material of Construction


Size Range

Press Range




Double Port Safety Valves





Cast Carbon Steel







14-40 kg/cm21-12 kg/cm21-17.5 kg/cm2


1.900 Series DIN Spring loaded Pressure Safety Valve:

900 Series DIN Spring loaded Pressure Safety Valve


2.A46F/H/Y Pilot-operated Pressure Relief valve (A46 Safety 






3.Double Port High Lift Safety Valve:


Double Port Safety Valves



4.A21 Spring loaded low lift external thread type safety valve:


5.A27Spring loaded low lift type safety valve:

6.A41Closed spring loaded low lift type high pressure safety valvee:



7.A48Spring loaded ful lift safety valve:



8.A44Spring loaded Full Lift safety valve:


9.A37,A38,A43Twin spring type safety valve:



10.A48SB High temperature and high pressure safety valve:





11.GA49H Impulse Safety Valve






12.A42Y-160/320Closed spring loaded full bore type high pressure safety valve





13.A42 Closed spring loaded full lift type safety valve



14.Lever Safety Valve





15.W Series Spring Loaded Full Lift Safety Valve

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